Our People

Since our establishment in 1998, Project Presentations has built up a reputation for bringing together the industry’s best talent and leading minds in IT to deliver the best possible solutions to improve our clients’ business efficiencies. We pride ourselves on the extensive knowledge base that our diverse team of ICT consultants and other professionals provide to solve complex business challenges and adapt to changing technologies.

At Project Presentations, we value our people, and as such, we place a strong emphasis on personal development. We foster a culture where our team’s potential can be realised and where opportunities for personal growth are actively encouraged.

Meet the Owner

Ken Hallett

Ken is a highly respected industry expert in ICT systems and innovator in IT solutions. For more than 30 years, Ken has built up a wealth of IT-related experience across multiple industries. He has valuable insight regarding the importance of developing and maintaining a stable computer environment and the crucial role that focussed and skilled IT support has in helping any business meet and exceed its productivity goals.

During his career, Ken progressed from front-line support to supervising key migration and virtualisation projects, as well as being instrumental in large PABX and WAN installations, and managing an outsourced contract consisting of over 800 users. His extensive knowledge covers everything from IT management and networking through to the implementation of custom ICT infrastructures in large multi-nationals.

As the owner of Project Presentations, Ken handles the overall management and strategic development of the company. He has a consistent focus on ensuring that Project Presentations remains at the forefront of ICT through the development of both his team and the portfolio of services that Project Presentations provides to businesses across the region.