Access Control

Through our strategic partnership with Jarrison Systems, the leading distributor of biometric readers, Project Presentations offers powerful Sagem Fingerprint Terminals for all your biometric access control needs.

These state-of-the-art systems offer simplicity and convenience, enabling you to control access to your premises easily and securely. Biometric access control provides a higher security alternative over traditional card-based systems because there is no need for employees to display identification cards, which can be easily lost or stolen.

The software and hardware components offered by Project Presentations are of the highest quality and integrity found in the industry today and, backed by our competent service-driven team to support your business every step of the way, you cannot go wrong!

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Why Biometrics?

Black Number One

Eliminates buddy clocking

Black Number Two

Increases security

Black Number Three

No need for buying or replacing clock cards

Features & Benefits

Square Red Number One

Multiple access groups, each assigning any group of entry locations to any employee during specific times

Square Red Number Two

Option of 4 concurrent employee access groups (scheduled access to specific areas)

Square Red Number Three

Option to deny access to the site if an employee is late (interrupting the assembly line)

Square Red Number Four

Option to automatically deny access to the site after specific inactivity periods

Square Red Number Five

Automatic email notifications sent for any devices which go on/offline

Hardware Features

• 3000 (Std) – 10 0000 employees (MA 100-500)

• Multiple readers per site

• Stores up to 8000 logs of activity in offline mode

• Connects to existing Ethernet computer network (LAN/WAN)

• Power Over Ethernet (POE) capability

• 500 DPI finger scanner

• Backlit LCD Graphical Display

• 4 Programmable function buttons

• Backlit keypad

• Operating humidity range: 10% up to 80%

• Connects to a Secure Relay Module

• Operating temperature range: -10°C up to +50°C

• Dimensions: MA500 (H: 160mm x W: 145mm x D: 75mm)

• Dimensions: MA520 (H: 289mm x W: 218mm x D: 99mm)

• MA520 is IP65 rated (dustproof, waterproof)