Get Modern now and save.

These days, the ‘office’ can be almost anywhere. But does your business have everything it needs to harness these new ways of working? With Windows 8 powered devices and Office 365, your team can continue to use familiar tools while meeting today’s challenges.

And with Windows XP and Office 2003 reaching end of support on 8 April 2014, there’s never been a better time to equip your business with modern tools for a modern era. Choose from a wide range of devices that give your staff the flexibility and scope they need to access critical data on the go, collaborate more effectively and do things faster and better than ever before.

Being a smaller business doesn’t mean you have to scramble to succeed on yesterday’s technology. Get modern for less. Today.

Top reasons to get modern:

Devices: The choice is yours

Connect securely from virtually anywhere

Take Control

Devices: The choice is yours Connect securely from virtually anywhere Connect securely from virtually anywhere
The world has moved to touch, across phones and PCs. Get a connected experience across all your devices. Windows 8 Pro PCs or tablets, combined with the new Office, offer a clean and fluid user interface that works great with touch, mouse and keyboard, or pen. Use Office on any internet-connected PC or tablet, wherever you need to be. Your documents are saved to the cloud automatically, so you can share and collaborate just by sending a link. Managing your company’s technology needs has never been simpler. With a comprehensive range of IT management tools, Windows 8 Pro lets you easily orchestrate user settings, updates and security options on your devices – taking care of the pain of juggling hardware, software and personnel, while you focus on your business.